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Goodbye, wisdom teeth

So here's how the wisdom teeth removal/teeth cleaning went. Just a heads-up, this will be a long entry.

November 14

4:50 am: My mom and I leave for St. Vincent's Hospital. Fun fact: the outside of the hospital was seen in an episode of The Sopranos. Someone involved with the making of the show had Oregon ties.

5:25 am: I arrive at the hospital and check in. My mom fills out a form. A nurse puts a bracelet and a tracker on my right wrist.

6:05 am: Another nurse escorts my mom and I to room 41 at the short-term stay ward, where I'll be until 7:30 am. On the way there, she tells me about how she liked the name Joshua, and wanted to name her son that, but wound up having two daughters.

6:10 am: Another nurse comes in and tests my blood pressure and weighs me (I'm 238 lbs). She tells me my surgery is scheduled at 7:30 am, and that I'm one of the first people going in for surgery that morning. After she leaves, I change to a robe, keeping on the boxers I'm wearing.

6:20 am: I decide to see what's on TV. Despite the hospital having cable, there's nothing to watch.

6:25 am: Another nurse comes in and tests my blood for electrolites.

Around 6:35 am: Another nurse comes in and listens to my heart and lungs and asks my mom and I some questions. She also explains the procedure to me. She also gives me a Pepcid AC to take. I use the restroom after she leaves.

6:45 am: The same nurse comes back in to put in my IV tube, and tests my blood sugar as well. My dentist also arrives at the same, greets me and my mom, and takes a look at my mouth. She answers my mom's questions while the nurse puts the IV in.

Around 7:15 am: The anastesialogist comes in and introduces himself. He explains what he'll do during the surgery and that he'll put a tube in my nose.

7:33 am: The anastesialogist and a nurse push me to operating room 16. I chat with the anastesialogist on my way there. I say hello to my dentist one more time before the surgery, and I tell them to have fun as the anastesialogist puts the mask on.

Around 11:30 am: I wake up in the recovery room. My dentist is there, and I tell her she did a good job. She goes to tell my mom I'm okay and tell her about the surgery. That's the last time I see her. I feel a little nausea, and the nurse explains that he gave me some medication that should set in in a couple minutes. He also gives me morphine for the pain, which on a scale of 1-10, is feels like a 5 to me. By the time I'm out of the recovery room, I feel like I'm at 3. He also occasionally tests my blood pressure, gives me ice, and towels to spit and blow my nose on.

12:15 pm: The nurse rolls my bed to room 15 in the short-term ward. I was supposed to be rolled out earlier, but the rooms were full. Another nurse gives me a bottle of water and a valium pill. The nurse gives me a few saltines to take with the pill to avoid nausea. I take one, taking small bits and letting them dissolve in my mouth. I take the straw out. My mom comes in and tells me what my dentist did:

-All of my wisdom teeth are gone. On the lower right side, 3/4ths of the root broke off and the dentist decided to leave it there. She said it will grow into the bone, unless it becomes abcessed, which isn't likely. If it does get abcessed, it will need to be removed.

-I got a deep cleaning (there was plaque in my gums) and nine fillings.

Around 12:35 pm: I flip channels and find something decent to watch on Comedy Central.

Around 12:45 pm: I finally finish the saltine and decide to try to sleep a little bit, and I manage to fall asleep for about half an hour.

Around 1:35 pm: The nurse removes my IV and my tracker (I'm still wearing my bracelet, heh). She instructs me to stick to a soft diet for the next 24 hours. She wants me to get up and change back into my clothes, and lie down again. So I change.

Around 1:55 pm: My mom wants me to use the restroom before I leave, so I walk to the restroom. The nurse tells me the closest one is on the left. I don't see it and walk a little further to one down the next hallway. When I get out of the restroom, I finally see the restroom the nurse directed me to. The nurse jokes that I took a little trip down the hall.

Around 2:15 pm: My mom takes most of my stuff and goes to take the car to the main entrance. I decide to keep my hospital booties on under my shoes and put my socks in a small bag. I take another bag and my water bottle and the nurse lets me take the box of kleenex I was using. Another nurse pulls up with a wheelchair and after I make sure I have all my stuff, I get in.

Around 2:20 pm: The nurses push my chair out of the ward and to the main entrance. I wait about half a minute before my mom pulls in. I get in the car and one of the nurses helps me get my seat belt on. We then realize that the nurse didn't give me an ice bag, so one of the nurses runs back to get it. Three minutes later, the nurse gives me my ice bag and I leave the hospital. A minute later, I threw up in the small bag, but fortunately, it's the only nausea I experience on the way home.

3:25 pm: I get home (it takes a little longer then it did getting to St. Vincent due to more traffic on the roads). I lie down and go to sleep. My mom goes to Walgreens to get my Valium prescription.

Around 4:15 pm: My mom wakes me up and tells me to take a valium pill, so I do. She leaves a few cans of chicken soup and applesauce in my room. Even though I feel like I could eat harder foods, I decide to stick to the soft diet to be on the safe side. She tells me she's going to sleep but to wake her up if I need anything (she didn't get much sleep the night before for obvious reasons).

Around 4:20 pm: I fall asleep.

Around 9:25 pm: I wake up, microwave myself a bowl of chicken soup and chat with my brother and sister a little.

Around 9:45 pm: I go back to my room, turn on the computer, and see that Beth is on yahoo, so I chat with her while I'm eating my chicken soup.

Around 10:15 pm: I start writing this entry.

Around 11:30 pm: I lie back down and fall asleep. I didn't sign off of yahoo though, and Beth is still online. Fortunately, she assumed that I fell asleep and leaves me a goodbye message when she signs off.

November 15

2:35 am: I wake up to find out that Jess IM'ed me about half an hour ago, and we chat for a few hours. There's a good 3/4ths of the chicken soup left and I finish that up.

Around 4:30 am: I take another valium. I'm still chatting with Jess. She signs off a little while later.

5:45 am: Nearly 25 hours after I left for the hospital, I submit this entry.

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