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Talk about a nice way to kick off the month.

So yesterday, I went to a Onesidezero concert with Jeff

This was my third OSZ concert, and Jeff's second (and his first time seeing OSZ in five years). Jeff picked me up for the concert shortly after 6:30, and we got to the Hawthorne Theater right at 7. Although both OSZ's MySpace and the Hawthorne Theater's site said the doors were scheduled to open at 7, they didn't open until right after 8. Jeff and I just hung out in the small line that had formed and chatted.

The show started with three local bands. The first, Karmedy, started the show around 8:30. I have to say it's the first time I've been impressed by a local band in a while. They also did a nice cover of sorts of Tool's Sober. The second local band was The Nameless. Impressed by another local band! They also did two covers in their set, Rush's 2112 Overture/The Temples of Syrinx, and Rage Against The Machine's Killing In The Name. Would I be impressed by the third local band?

Disseverence was the last local band, and well, they can't all be winners. They weren't a horrible band, but they didn't really fit in with other bands at the show. They weren't my thing, and apparently several others in attendence felt the same way, because I saw a lot of people walk off to either go to the bar area, go outside to smoke, use the restroom, or whatever. They're a gothic metal band with a female vocalist. Wait, I like gothic metal with female singers... Lacuna Coil is one of my favorite bands, and Evanescence and Within Temptation are pretty damn cool too. But the problem here is that the vocalist was too opera. I couldn't understand anything she was singing and I don't like music where I can't make out what the vocalist is singing. Later on, I told Jeff that she sounded like "Courtney Love doing opera."

After that, Aroarah came on. They're an all girl band from Sacramento that was touring with OSZ. After Disseverence, we needed another band that got the crowd going like Karmedy and The Nameless did, and Aroarah didn't fail to bring the fun back into the show.

By the time Aroarah was done, it was 11:30. About 20 minutes later, Onesidezero's stuff was set up and they got on stage, starting with "Shed The Skin" again. Like in November, they played a mix of songs from both albums, and gave the crowd a fun and energetic set.

The show ended around 1 am. As expected, OSZ closed their set with "New World Order." Jeff was hungry so after a stop to Wendy's so he could get a late dinner, he dropped me off at my house.

So all in all, it was an excellent show. Disseverence and the show starting so late were the only low points.

I'll close with a list of free swag from the show.
-The Nameless - Driven EP (they were handing them out to everyone in the crowd after their set)
-Karmedy sampler
-Eyes Like Mine sampler (formerly known as In Memory, saw them under that name when I saw OSZ in November)

-Karmedy sticker
-Abloom guitar pick (a side project OSZ members Jasan Radford and Levon Sultanian played in when OSZ was on hiatus)
-Some pen I found on the floor

The concert report from the OSZ show I went to last November
List of bands I've seen live (Updated today)

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