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Kind of like spitting on forty Marshas and the eyesores somewhere in time

Tonight, I'm going to write about some CD's I recently acquired. Two are going in the CD collection, and three aren't.

The first album going in the collection is Iron Maiden's Somewhere In Time. This is the only one I paid money for ($3.50, to be exact). It's also my third Maiden CD - the other two are The Number of the Beast and the hits compilation Best of the Beast, so it's also my first Maiden CD that doesn't have "Beast" somewhere in the title.

The other one is Forty Marshas' self-titled album. According to Wikipedia, Forty Marshas is a side project from Mike Malinin of the Goo Goo Dolls. It's all over the place - indie rock, pop punk, even a thrash metal song (and someone is even credited in the liner notes for "metal consulting"). Not really the kind of album I'd pay money for, but since it was free and has a couple decent songs, why not. Unfortunately, their cover of The Kinks' "Sold Me Out" isn't among the decent tracks, mostly because the vocals were done by a woman who sounds too much like Courtney Love for her own good.

Speaking of Love, here's a lulz moment: she once wanted to kick Fred Durst out of your ass and show him what 60s punk rock is (and maybe she still does, you know, being batshit crazy and all).

As for the albums that didn't make the cut, there's Alec K. Redfearn and the Eyesores' The Smother Party, which can be summed up in two words: indie garbage. Then there's Kind of Like Spitting's In the Red (which I first misread as Kind of Like Spitting In The Bed). Wikipedia says that they were a Portland band (that's cool) that released seven albums in twelve years (that's also a little cool), and this was their sixth. However, while I've never heard someone hack a Violent Femmes song via karaoke, I can imagine it sounding something like the vocalist in this band (that's not cool). Finally, there's Hot Little Rocket's How To Lose Everything. The problem with this one? I opened the case to discover that it was empty. Looks like someone learned how to lose the CD.

In closing, I want to roll a katamari over all the stuff on the cover of the Forty Marshas' album. Also, Iron Maiden = \m/.
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