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Onesidezero concert report

On Monday evening, I went to the Carl's Jr on 82nd and Powell...

...where I had my pre-concert dinner, consisting of two spicy chicken sandwiches. After that, I went to catch the 9. However, I saw a 72 coming, and decided to take that to Foster instead, where I caught the 14 and headed to the Hawthorne Theatre.

When I got there, I found out that I had another hour to go before the doors opened. Got there a little too early. Whoops. I decided to go for a walk and wound up walking to Sewallcrest Park on SE 32nd and Market. On the way, I walked by my grandparents' old house nearby. Like many houses in the area, it's been there for a long time, and it was awesome. Naturally, I spent a lot of time there in my childhood and have a lot of memories. Grandma died in 1991, and Grandpa lived there until a few years ago, when he sold it off and moved to West Linn. The house needed a renovation and repair work and the new buyers had big plans for it. I'm glad to say it looks great on the outside. I hung around Sewallcrest Park for about 10 minutes. It still has the awesome twisty slide I loved playing on as a kid.

I still had some time to kill when I got near the Hawthorne Theatre, which was spent in Fred Meyer. Finally, I went across the street and into the concert.

In Memory opened the show, and they were better than I expected. Then again, after seeing shows opened by a number of bad local bands, my expectations aren't high. However, In Memory jumped way over the bar. The band stated on their MySpace that they would be changing their name, as "there are just too many 'In Memorys' out there." They reported this at the show and said they were still thinking of a new name. They're currently recording a new CD currently slated for a February or March release, and I might just get it.

Strenuus was up next and had a strong performance. Now that they have a solid lineup, they have a good chance of becoming one of Portland's premier local rock bands.

After that Syx got on stage with another energetic performance. Unsurprisingly, they stuck to songs from their latest CD, which I haven't bought yet, so I wasn't familiar with them. Good show, but didn't match up to a 2004 show where they encouraged fans to wear gym clothes and threw Nerf balls out to the crowd so everyone could play "Syx dodgeball." A group of people formed on one side and another group on the other side and chucked the balls at each other. It was great.

Finally, Onesidezero came on. When I saw them in June 2002, they instantly became one of my favorite live bands. I'm glad to say they didn't disappoint and are still worthy of that honor (even though it isn't much of an honor, but yeah). They played a mix of songs from Is The Room Getting Smaller and new songs from their upcoming album, which will be released in February. The show was energetic and nearly everyone in the crowd of around 60 people were rocking out and having fun.

The concert ended around 12:30am, and I went and caught the next 14 at 12:56. Walked home from 82nd and Foster as planned because I knew the last northbound 72 went by there around 12:46. So all in all, good times and on another note, I'm glad it didn't rain that night.

Free swag:
-Onesidezero 2-song sampler
-In Memory 3-song sampler
-2 Syx stickers
-2 Strenuus stickers
-2 In Memory stickers
-A poster for the show that I ripped off the wall after the concert

I've also updated the list of bands I've seen live, if anyone wants to check it out.

UPDATE (8/2/07): In Memory changed their name to Eyes Like Mine, and Strenuus broke up a while back.

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